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5 Phases for Ultimate Fitness & Nutrition

Everything is a process, there are gradual steps.

First we roll over, then we crawl, then we walk and then we run

First we stick our feet in a pool, then we stand in the water, then we stick our face in and then we swim.

First we start preschool, then kindergarten, then elementary school, then middle school and then high school.

I am wondering why we don’t expect that changing our bodies, optimizing our diets, becoming stronger, learning proper nutrition and exercise is also a process that has steps involved. Seriously…think about it…

Most people I encounter expect themselves to be at an expert level and if they arent and they feel insecure or inferior they may use that as an excuse not to start at all.

What happens is we recognize a problem, usually its dissatisfaction with our body, and then we reach for a program that is usually extreme and is the equivalent of attempting to run before we ever learn to crawl. How much dense does that make? Shouldn’t we first study our own habits and learn what is not working for us and start optimizing our diets with slow changes????I know there is nothing appealing about accepting that this is a slow process but, I have never seen or read any research to support any other method. We didn’t fall overnight and therefore we wont be back up and running overnight, not in a healthy way anyway.

I propose that there are phases to this process…both fitness and nutrition

Phase 1- be a watcher. Learn what makes you tick. What are your triggers? Where are your obstacles? Study the cracks in your foundation.

Phase 2- add in. Enhance your current state. Add in what’s missing. Fill the cracks in the foundation.

Phase 3- structure. Apply guidelines with new skills in mind. Frame the walls.

Phase 4- build. We know a lot now and we are ready to go. Put all the methods together plus a few more. We are ready for maintenance. (Most people can stay at phase 4). Sheetrock, roof and move in.

Phase 5- Optimize and enhance. Take what you have learned and make it platinum status by incorporating more elite techniques and methods. Porcelain light switch covers, upgraded faucets, crown molding, landscaping.

I know absolutely nothing about home building but I took my best shot. You get the gist. Lasting body composition changes are a marathon not a sprint.

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