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Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Optimizing your nutrition and fitness game can be an incredible journey to self. My greatest life lessons have been learned in preparation for bodybuilding competitions (okay, that and parenting), I have learned what makes me tick and what makes me stop ticking. We cant extrapolate our relationship to fitness and food from the rest of our life. If we are REALLY wanting to make a change then we REALLY need to welcome the change through exploration of ourselves. It's all connected, we are whole people doing whole people things.

What is important to me when working with clients...

  • A level playing field

  • Client autonomy

  • Creativity in our working space

  • Honesty 

  • Open communication

  • Realistic expectations

  • Self responsibility

  • Empathy and compassion

  • Mutual respect


What you can expect from me...

I will NEVER talk down to you nor will I speak to you with judgement. I will ask questions to explore but never to judge.

I will respond to your questions in a respectful way. There are no stupid questions.

I will help you set realistic and achievable goals. I will not give you false hope.

I will provide you nutrition and fitness programming and counseling in a safe and healthy way based on all current research.

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