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How To Shed unwanted pounds even if You’re Not Motivated

I teach simple weight loss methods everyone should know that WONT make you suffer and sacrifice your quality of life.

Are You unhappy with the person you see in the mirror?

You want to lose weight but don’t know how or where to start?

Every diet you have tried failed and now you think you are broken, that there is something wrong with your body and you are just stuck. You want to lose weight, but you don’t want to risk the disappointment again so maybe you toy with the idea of a diet but aren’t really motivated enough to stick with it.

IT”S NOT YOUR FAULT. The diet plans being marketed to you are designed to make you fail so you stay dependent.

The diet struggle is a problem for most people. We all run on this crazy hamster wheel for years.

With my clients, we focus on overall flourishing health to help put a stop to your constant struggle so that you can finally lose weight and be done with the obsession.

You will learn to feel full and crave less in a matter of days WITHOUT buying any lame supplements or shakes.

Imagine what it would be like to feel confident, happy and free from the mental anguish of thinking something must be wrong with you since it seems everyone else but you can lose weight.

Using my 10 years of experience as a qualified personal trainer, nutrition specialist and habits coach I’ve helped 100’s of people just like Cheryl to clear the confusion and lose weight simply without impacting her social life using The FYTE method.

My methods are simple

You will learn how to incorporate effective techniques into your current lifestyle rather than forcing you to adjust your whole life to suit a diet. Afterall shouldn’t your plan make sense for your life?

You will Learn how to boost your metabolism - You’ll learn the components of a healthy metabolism and how to boost yours using simple daily habits and practices.

You will Learn how to stay full- the #1 problem dieters face is adherence. I teach my clients how to stay full so that they are able to adhere in the long term and jump off of the old binge restrict cycle.

“My a-ha Moment was when I realized that protein=satiety” - Francine 50

You will of course learn about calories, macronutrients and food measuring But this time we will make it less overwhelming by tacking one step at a time. Nobody needs to drown in information.

You will get Support you every step of the way . I am You’re a qualified personal trainer and nutrition coach here for you to help you navigate your obstacles and clear the path to body satisfaction and flourishing health.

“I used to believe that less food was the way to lose weight. I have learned that healthy foods and protein are the key without having to be too restrictive.” - Jessica 45


ALL of my methods are rooted in evidence based practices, and address all domains of your health. I will help you get results easily by teaching you how to intertwine optimal nutrition and fitness practices into your lifestyle.

My Fitness and Nutrition coaching programs include

My training methods are rooted in evidence based practices and address all domains of each person and are designed to help you get results easily by teaching you how to intertwine optimal nutrition and fitness practices into your lifestyle.


Accountability and guidance from a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach

Nutrition and fitness programs are designed to fit easily into your busy life. You will receive the support you need to help you get over the obstacles that have previously stopped you.


Habits Coaching

Tackling your cravings is one thing to make lasting change we will change your habits. Throughout my programs, you will become more active discover a new approach to weight loss.

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Weekly video coaching sessions (With platinum coaching program)

With my platinum coaching plan you and I will have a weekly video call. You don't have to figure anything out on your own anymore.


custom mobile training app

Have access to your coach 24/7 with all your workouts trainings, coaching and more in your pocket.


Access to the members only Facebook group

Meet other clients and join the community where I host weekly live Q&A’s, post additional challenges, weekly nutrition lectures and other daily bonus content.

I offer a free consultation before beginning so that we can tailor your program to suit your lifestyle and goals.

Don’t delay, I can only take on 5 new clients at a time, once these slots are filled, you’ll miss the opportunity to finally put an end to the suffocating dieting struggle and disappointment that has been plaguing you all these years.

  • Best Value

    FYTE Premium Package

    12 week program
    Valid for 3 months
    • recipe books
    • Complete workout program
    • Weekly nutrition group coaching call
    • Grocery list
    • Weekly coaching videos
    • Access to custom coaching Training app
  • Online Coaching

    Every month
    Individual nutrition and fitness coaching with Jessika
    • weekly video call with coach
    • 1:1 nutrition coaching with plan
    • personalized fitness programming
    • recipe books
    • Habits coaching
    • grocery lists
    • access to member site
    • access to custom training app
    • unlimited communication with coach via app

in each call we review your progress, discuss your obstacles and make any necessary adjustments to your training and nutrition program so that you.

P.S. All programs are based on the latest evidence-based fitness and nutrition research. Hundreds of people have ended their struggle with dieting and lost weight using these same methods WITHOUT SUFFERING.

AND ANOTHER THING, no foods are ever off limits, except the ones you hate, dont eat stuff you hate. You will never ever see me eat a banana, or an avocado for that matter.

Still undecided have a look at a few of my recent success stories. Contact me today to start your own path to success.


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