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Meet Jessika (she/her)

Online Personal Trainer& Nutrition Coach

Hi, my name is Jessika. I am a recreation therapist, online personal fitness trainer and nutrition coach. My passion is helping humans identify and move their roadblocks to the joyous life they are envisioning.

My aim is to serve as a liaison between the elite researchers in the field of fitness and nutrition and the general population. In my years of coaching I have noticed that the most important and relevant information never reaches the people who need it most. Everyone deserves to reap the benefits from fitness, health and overall wellness. We have the right to know the truth, our truth which may not be the truth that is being marketed to us.

I am

  • A fitness enthusiast

  • A fitness Nutrition Specialist

  • An LGBTQ+ advocate

  • A bookworm, pretty nerdy

  • A bodybuilder

  • A single mom

  • Living a creative and authentic life

  • A Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

  • A writer who absolutely doesn't proofread

I am not

  • Judgemental

  • Shaming

  • A believer in the black or the white

  • A fan of skunks or avocados, I just cant.

  • A good speller

  • The boss


  • BS with a specialization in Therapeutic Recreation

  • NASM certified fitness nutrition specialist

  • PN level 1 coach

  • AFAA personal Trainer

  • Member of Comprehensive Coaching Community

  • Member of the Nutrition Coaching Global Mastermind

  • Member of NSCA (almost done with this cert)

*What is FYTE? FYTE is an acronym for Find yourself through exercise. This is personal for me as my journey in fitness began as a way to dig my way out of depression, over 30 years ago. It speaks to the healing principals of fitness as a modality.

I specialize in educating people in self care across all domains (physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and social).


All humans are entitled to find their own path to health.

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