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What if you just said 'FUCK IT'?

What if you admitted that maybe getting the body you think you are supposed to have just isn't that important to you? Would you continue to chase it, or is it better for you to start working toward accepting the body you are in and making that body a healthy space to live in?

Are we all supposed to have red hair?
Are we all supposed to have the same physique.?
Are our houses all supposed to look the same?
Are we all supposed to like the same things?
Why are we all supposed to have the same body?

If you started to accept and embrace your body, the skin you are in, how would your life change? (No, really....pause and answer the question)

One of the most effective ways to improve our body image and develop an appreciation for our body is to think about all the cool things it can do. We often get caught up in our appearance, which can cause us to neglect our other fantastic components.

I had the privilege of having Shannon Beer on "The Integrated Fitness Space" podcast. Shanon is highly regarded as an authority in body image acceptance. When we were recording, she talked about one of the best ways to improve body image is to focus on all of the beautiful things your body can do instead of only focusing on how it looks; she stated

“it could be really nice to reflect. On all of the things that your body can do. And this isn't just limited to its physical capacity, because I think for those of us in the fitness industry, our minds go, you know, oh yeah, I can lift weights. I can run, I can do all these cool things. Um, and that's great, but that's just one component. You know, what about creative endeavors? So the fact that you can draw, or you can sing, or you can paint or, um, take photos or the fact that you can connect with others so that you can have these conversations, you know, from people, with people from different. The world, or you can, your shoulder to cry on, you can hug and you can kiss, love that one.”

I always have to give a caveat. I love working on my physique; it's fun, it's a discipline, a practice. However, it's not all of who I am. So many other aspects of who I am deserve my time and attention. My coach, Alberto Nunez, talks about diversifying your happiness portfolio; in other words, pay attention to all the things that bring you joy and add value to your life. Many of us spend copious amounts of time suffering at our own hands, chasing the perfect body instead of exploring what our already perfect bodies can do.

Let's take this opportunity actually to do the work.

List five awesome things your body can do.






I want to wrap it up with one more quote from my friend Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro,

Happiness doesn't live at the end of the weight loss rainbow

Peace and so much love,


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