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Tips for Weight Loss

You have to change something, in order for something to change!

Sounds reasonable right? But when push comes to shove do we actually do it? Or, do we make excuses to stay where we are? I’ll explain! We want to lose weight, but take no active steps to do so, then complain that we are not making progress. I challenge you to step back, and look at your goals, and then list actual steps you take, consistently, to achieve them. Back to weight loss, let’s say your that busy person, rushing around all day, driving kids here and there, working, running errands etc., etc. , etc. You find yourself eating fast food and pretty much whatever else is available when your hungry. Well, the kids, job, and errands, are not going to change, but your actions, in the situation, can change. Pack food for your day that is in line with your goals, have healthy snacks available so you don’t have to be at the mercy of a random vending machine. Make a plan for the bad days, got out late, didn’t go food shopping etc… not an excuse to get the Big Mack nd large fries. Most fast food restaurants have some foods we can work with, ex. grilled chicken salad, chili, egg white flat breads…life is going to happen, in order to get the results, we want, we have to change the way we respond to it!

Grocery Delivery

This service has changed my life! No more wondering around aimlessly in the grocery store, lugging cranky kids who want to throw every snack imaginable in the cart. Utilizing groceries deliverer and/or pick up services not only save time, but I think, it can help shrink the waistline. The online ordering platform helps minimize impulse buying that usually occurs when shopping in the store. You have the ability to create a shopping list with all the healthy snacks and meal prep items needed for the week. This allows you to be deliberate with your choices and avoid exposing yourself to things that may tempt you. Once you have your list, reordering is a breeze. You can easily add new items to create all the new FYTE recipes. There is a fee for service, some charge per delivery/pickup, some are by membership and some monthly. I find, that I save so much money, by actually sticking to my shopping list, and not getting rooked into buying all the gum, and other “treats” at the checkout, that these services end up paying for themselves.

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