Tina’s Transformation


I just finished training for my first marathon and after 6 months of JUST RUNNING, I needed and wanted  change.  I had heard talk of Jessika, her classes and that she also offered private training.  A friend kindly introduced me to Jessika one day at the gym and I decided to give her a call.  That phone call has changed my approach to working out forever.  Prior to meeting Jessika, my workouts consisted of predominantly cardio and then minimal weight lifting.  I was petrified of that area of the gym.  I would only workout around the perimeter.  Then I met Jess.  She has taught me how to operate my gym, my way!  I am no longer intimidated by anyone or any machine.  I am doing exercises and using machines that I have never thought possible. My results have been slow and steady.  I have lost about 7 pounds and 6% body fat.  I have to be completely honest.  I LIKE how I look, but I LOVE how I feel. Meeting Jessika and having her support, by that I mean cursing her out when I am tired and confessing to her when I have eaten like crap, logging my food and water intake, and following her plan has led me to what I am most proud of: ME!

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