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The best shoes for weight loss

I am a barefoot girl mainly, I would stay barefoot if I could. I know what shoes suit me and which ones help me walk. I cant wear shoes that pinch my feet or cramp my toes. I can wear shoes that are well worn if they are comfy. I like Uggs and flip flops and converse, I also have one pair of combat boots that feel like walking in slippers. We arent meant to wear the same shoes forever, We are meant to change them as they no longer fit. Same with our life, our activities, practices and situations. If it doesnt fit, change it. Maybe your grew. Maybe you changed. You are supposed to.

I speak heavily in metaphors. (Yesterday I actually acted out a metaphor because it got my point aross better than my words could have.) I am a health and fitness professional, I am here to speak to you about health, YOUR health. What does this have to do with health??? everything. We understand all the correlations between the different facets of our health. Every piece of everything we do affects another part.

What shoes do you wear? How are you currently walking around your life? Before even thinking about changing any part of you or your path its best to know who you are.

What is important to you?

Are you happy?

Are you satisfied?

Are there holes in your shoes?

I have been a personal trainer and nutrition coach for over 10 years. The truth is people come looking for me (or the diet du jour) to help them feel contentment. Folks are looking for the happiness that they believe lives at the end of the weight loss rainbow.

Guess what my friends...

The happiness is in your shoes, the moment you are in, the shoes you wear are the decisions you make. Your shoes are where you walk. We all have feet, those are the circumstances we are given but the shoes… the shoes we choose to wear reflect our choices, our identity, our values, what we surround ourselves with. Knowing our feet, our shoes and our path… that's where our happiness lives.

Can I take it a step further? We cant lose weight or maintain it in the long term unless we master this part. The physique change almost comes to us after we nail this down.

Why am I throwing all of these weird ass metaphors your way? Before you go questing for a diet or weight loss plan to help you find happiness; look down and start there. Happiness lives at the end of that rainbow. Chasing weight loss mostly leads to long term confusion, disappointment and sadness yet most of us do it for our entire lives. When we instead seek to understand ourselves, explore our values and take responsibility for our choices happiness comes to us as does the positive self image we are seeking.

Pretty meta huh?

Chew on what I am suggesting for a little while before tossing it out, it could be exactly what you are looking for.

Peace and love,


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