Tabata Drills – Who Doesn’t Have 4 Minutes?

A tabata is best to do in the morning as part of your morning routine to get your heart rate up and set the tone for a successful day. A Tabata is a 4-minute drill where you complete an exercise at high intensity for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds, complete the cycle 8 times.

Examples of basic tabata drills

Download the apps, tabata pro or tabata timer (tabata timer has an instructional video in the intro). I use both apps. With either app you can have your music playing at the same time as the timer, which helps. After you are comfortable doing tabata drills you can combine 2 exercises in one drill such as jumping jacks and push ups or you can combine 4…the world is your oyster, Have fun with this!

Flutter kicks


Push ups

Jump squats

Step ups


Plyometric side squats

Tricep dips


Jumping jacks

Mountain climbers

Bicycle crunches

Oblique v-sits

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