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We are stuck home. The world around us is crazy. We are hoarding toilet paper and chicken. Who gives a shit about counting calories or macros right now? I hear you; I feel the same. I have done some major damage myself since this all started. But, eventually we’ve got to get real. We have to find some sort of balance, don’t we? Lest we are gonna be rolling out of this quarantine looking and feeling like a screaming, hot mess. What we need right now is a middle ground. Nobody should be dieting hard right now anyway because staying in a caloric deficit for an extended period of time wreaks havoc on your immune system.

Most of us have been chasing weight loss for so long that we have forgotten how to eat like a normal person. Eating at maintenance doesn’t meant eat mindlessly. Just add roughly 200 calories a day so basically let yourself have a little sumthin sumthin with your family while watching tv.

With regard to nutrition I suggest we keep it simple…DON’T count macros to the gram right now. Reduce dietary stress.

Let’s just focus on protein.

We are moving a bit less now, so we don’t need quite as much.

Let’s focus on getting 3 servings a day.

ANNND lets try to stay full so that we don’t eat like an asshole throughout the day.

So, let’s add into the mix 3 servings each of fruit and veggies.

That’s it



I LOVE the proteins, ALL OF THEM. Protein has a high satiety component. In other words, it will keep you full so you won’t snack all day. Also, Protein has a high thermic effect of feeding meaning your body heats up while digesting, you actually burn up to 25% of the calories in protein just by digesting it. How cool is that? Also, there are recent studies showing a correlation between a high protein diet and sleep quality. Sleep is important for mental health, stress reduction and immune system function.

Soooo let me recap the message I am trying to get across here:

1. Move into maintenance calories, don’t diet.

2. Keep it simple.

3. Eat high protein (stay full).

4. Eat high fiber (stay full).

Don’t try to be perfect right now. Just get real…realistic expectations

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