Perfect Doesn’t Exist

I have a very broad client base ranging from people who want to get ripped to people who want to workout a few times a week. Some clients just want to get a few workouts in but are not ready to tackle the scary nutrition stuff. I watch as folks compare their paths to others and inevitably come up short, this blog is written specifically for those people. The people who want to be ripped (myself included) didn’t start with that goal. They started where you are right now and their interest grew as their confidence in their abilities grew. When we compare and judge ourselves we become paralyzed. Our confidence is gone. That is why it is key to remind yourself to start where your feet are. Your path is unique to you.

When I began exercising it was in an effort to fight depression, now I am a bodybuilding competitor, being a competitor was far from my initial goal. With regard to my food, I eat healthy now but for YEARS I struggled with my eating. I was a crazed binge eating maniac when I quit drinking. I used to rollerblade all over Nyack while smoking cigarettes. I would go for a run then light one up and pig out on cookies, it was all part of my process. Why am I telling you this? I am not saying that you should smoke or binge eat by any means. I am saying that this is a journey and we all need to start where our feet are. I would never be here if I tried to get it perfect from the start. PERFECT DOESNT EXIST.

I offer a lot of help, suggestions and advice with regard to fitness and nutrition – think of them as hats, if I throw something out pick it up and try it on. If it fits you great but if it doesn’t then throw it out. It may eventually fit, it just doesn’t fit right now. I have worked with countless people who evolved from not wanting any help with their food, to people who understand nutrition and actually end up enjoying it. Where you are right now is not where you will be next year. BE PATIENT…keep your feet in the water.

My advice to anyone who is starting to get into fitness or to those who have been involved but feel stale…

LOVE YOURSELF (don’t be mean)




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