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Metabolism – What you need to know.

Metabolism- that thing that you blame for everything that fits snug.


To clear things up, metabolism is not one thing or organ, its actually a system. Factors that influence your body’s ability to convert food into energy. Factors that are included in your body’s metabolism are

1. Resting metabolic rate(RMR) -The amount of energy used at rest. The amount of energy required to rest basically the amount of energy required to breathe and keep the lights on.

2. Basal metabolic rate (BMR)- the amount of energy required to stay alive and keep the lights on in the absence of food. Energy expended with no digestion activity.

3. Thermic effect of feeding (TEF)- The amount of energy required by our bodies to convert the food we eat into energy…FYI protein has the highest yield. Did you ever get the meat sweats? That’s TEF

4. Exercise Activity (EA)- intentional exercise…weightlifting, running, crossfit, intentional walking…you get the picture

5. Non exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT)- aka fidgeting moving around, daily steps, cleaning….that kinda stuff

The reason I chose to go into a bit more depth on metabolism is because I don’t think most people really have a clue what it is. We just think it’s the reason we are or are not loosing weight at a rate we want.

Metabolism FAQ’s

Is it true that the more we move the faster our metabolism becomes? Yes

Does our metabolism slow down with age? Yes.

Can our metabolism slow down as a result of eating too little? Yes

So you are saying eating protein for the most part will increase our metabolic burn? Yes

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