Mary Gets Motivated


I have always been into fitness, playing sports through my childhood, into college and then coaching. Two elbow surgeries, and a baby later, I was struggling to find something that I still loved to do, but didn’t lose my confidence due to having to make modifications for my elbow. I’m not able to put any body weight on my right arm and have a limited range of motion with weights.

Looking to get my “body back” my Mom convinced me I would love Jessika’s class just as much as some things I did in the past when I didn’t need modifications for my arm. I was apprehensive for a while, then after my daughter’s first birthday, I was ready. Well, my Mom was 100% correct! Not only do I absolutely love Jessika’s class, only within 3 months, I have been able to gain confidence, lose a ton of inches, and 15 pounds. Jess has been able to make me still feel like I am a badass, even though I have to make modifications for my elbow. I don’t feel left out. Instead, I am excited to see what she comes up with for me to do. So what if I can’t do a pushup, or a burpee. I can do something equally as challenging in a different way.

I am so glad I am part of this group and my journey is not over. The self-confidence and positivity I have been able to gain back, is just what I needed. Thank you Jess.

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