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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I speak fluently in quotes and metaphors. They paint a picture really well. Sometimes a certain phrase will lend me a bit of power or insight, I quickly label it mantra and then I start to share it. Sometimes I need to dig within, I am looking for something to ignite a spark, something to wake me up and bring a sense of consciousness or purpose as I am moving from one thing to the next.

A mantra is a word or phrase repeated by someone who is meditating, praying or seeking guidance.

My brain doesnt shut off, it likes to do things, it's hungry for purpose, it wants to understand deeper meanings and effect change. Walking with my brain is very exhausting, she has a lot to say and she requires a whole lot of input. Mantras kind of occupy her for a little while, they give her something to chew on long enough so that I can organize some of the mess.

Frequently I will stop mid conversation and speak the word "MANTRA" as kind of a punctuation or a way to put a pin in a thought that I want to linger. I hang on savor and allow the mantra to linger long enough for the purpose to permeate my brain. All of them are like teachers or children and change me in some small way.

Focusing on a mantra is a beautiful way to bring awareness to an area that needs some attention, kinda like mini meditations or journaling sessions each providing an opportunity for growth.

Lately I find myself struggling with using my authentic voice so I reach on my manta shelf for little phrases to help me on my journey. Today's mantra is...

Speak your truth, even when your voice shakes.
Walk forward even when your knees are knocking together.

I have so many mantras that I have used over the years and all of them helped on this ride.

Find a few mantras of your own, sometimes they hide in the most obvious of places so you really gotta look hard. When you find them breathe them, let them marinate and share them.



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