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How to stay the course (day one)

I am riding the waves my friends.

I did some incredible self care this past weekend and it helped a lot. Yesterday however, I felt more emotional pain than I think I have ever felt in my adult life. I could barely work or answer texts. This was a whole new space for me.

This week I think I will illustrate how I have lasted here, in my fitness and self care practice, for 31 years. I will show you how I ebb and flow, this is years of habits which are now very well worn grooves in a piece of wood.

I hope this has value for you.

Here is how to stay on the path of health and physique improvement through the highs and lows.

First of all, expect the lows, they will always happen. When they do, your habits will carry you fairly effortlessly.

1. Know you'r non negotiables. What are the elements of your day that arent up for discussion? these are the things that you do to keep yourself moving on your unique path. (hopefully exercise and journaling are included.)

2. Show yourself grace. When the ebbs and flows are in full swing use your skills. Know when to add to your plate and when to take away.

3. Dont make it worse, in times of obstacles we tend to reach for shit that makes are struggle greater. I have no idea why we do that but it never helps. Instead try reaching for things that support you like friends, eating lovingly, moving your body, meditation, journaling, reading (shopping helps a whole lot too)

4. It doesnt always suck though. When shit is going good Enjoy it, soak it in, savor it, ride that wave too. The lows only make the good shit better.

Its a new day I didnt make yesterday worse. I took my ass to the gym. I didnt kill pain with food. I showed myself grace. I spoke my truth. I asked for support. I journaled. I prayed my ass off.

Consequently, today does'nt feel as heavy as yesterday did (granted its 3:56 am but still)

My plan for today (gotta have a plan) Mantra for today- Breathe deeply (gotta have a mantra)

I already checked emails and client messages (calms me down) I already did banking (decreases anxiety) I am about to do journaling and meditation (calming) Next I head to the gym, deadlifts are on the block for today (empowerment) Then 3 in person clients (fills my bucket) return to laptop to check on all my clients and answer questions (calms me down) open my pool (I have no idea how to do this so once I figure it out I will be empowered) clean the house (calms me down) clerical stuff for the house (meh) Run my LGBTQ family support group (fills my bucket) Hang with my kids (hopefully we will be in the pool by then)

Stay tuned for tomorrows update. Maybe tomorrow I will let you know how I did with each of these tasks listed above. Because this is my plan but I have no idea what the day has in store for me yet.

Until tomorrow Jess

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