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I am trying to find my voice and realize that perhaps the only way to do that is through writing and sharing my perspective on this wild ride called life. Please join me for a minute or two as I explore my latest reflections on health.

I remember studying The Hero with Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell, a book about the hero's journey, begging to answer the question, "What are we looking for?" as we are all looking for something. In the past, I felt helpful as a tour guide helping people on their weight loss or physical transformation journey, but now I am unsure.

Lately, I find myself in a crisis of sorts. I sit in meditation each morning, and I explore my dharma (my purpose). I know that I am a teacher/ a leader. But lately, I am uncertain of how to lead and what to speak about. Throughout my career, I have offered advice and expressed thoughts on nutrition or fitness as entry points to a healthy lifestyle, but in the past few months, I have been leading less and living more. I am observing valuable lessons on this path each day and now believe that solely educating on fitness and nutrition is not of any actual value on its own. Physical beauty alone isn't what we are genuinely seeking. We want joy, love, inner peace, and connection. I have been dancing in these spaces as of late, immersing myself in all of the fun and love I have been seeking, and it has become clear that this is what I am meant to speak about the principles of a truly healthy life. This is the journey that never ends and always bears fruit. In my experience, we are all connected in what we seek. We all want to feel loved, fulfilled, and happy, but we aren't sure how to get there and are flooded with distractions. Lately, I think that pursuing health and fitness are distractions for many. The more profound journey to health is complex.

To be truly healthy, we must make a stew filled with self-compassion, joy, love, forgiveness, non-judgment, spirituality, authenticity, movement, self-respect, kindness, gratitude, and acts of charity. Each day, these need to be present in our lives so that we may find a sense of peace. We waste precious time when we solely pay attention to our physical appearance. We are mortal beings. None of us have extra days or years. Our time is limited.

Lately, I have been using social media to share my adventures with my boyfriend, my beloved bestie, and my gym crew rather than my usual fitness-type posts. I manifested all those relationships; I water and feed them to help them grow, which keeps me very present. These relationships inspire me to be my best and healthiest selves; the people I manifest deserve it. We all speak about feeling disconnected and divided. We pay attention to that divide and watch it as it gets bigger. How often are we nurturing connections? It's easier to complain, distract ourselves, buy some shit on Amazon that we don't need, and keep it moving as one day bleeds into the next. Is that a healthy life? How about if we are rocking a perfect physique while we are wasting away our life is that healthier now? A healthy life is not represented by body size but by how we walk through each day.

And another thing, we cannot avoid pain or suffering, no matter how healthy we are, but we can choose to embrace it. Yesterday, I started the day in unbearable emotional pain, letting it wash over me as I tend to do. The day ended with me surrounded by the beautiful people I call my friends. Yesterday's tears led me to write, which gives purpose to my growing pain and inevitably brings a much-needed change in my life, giving it even more sense. But what if I were distracted? Unaware? in denial, or confused about what I am seeking or what I have to offer. This is full-circle health. I walked a path to my healthiest self the whole day. Because I know that my days are numbered, I value all experiences as lessons as I explore what they can teach me and what I can learn from them.

And another another thing- I love taking care of my physical health, it aligns with my values. It's not a distraction, it's part of who I am. I LOVE bodybuilding. However, it's not a stand-alone practice. It rides on the bus with so many other valuable parts of me, as it should with all of us.

My unsolicited advice....maybe stop seeking what is without and explore what is within.

Peace and Love,


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