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Getting Over the Weight Loss Hurdle

Dig a ditch, make a path, blaze a trail.

Do you recall sleigh riding when you were a kid? I do. I remember spending endless hours running up a hill and sliding down in every possible way I could, backwards, on my belly, with a friend, you name it. My house had the big hill where all the kids came to ride, I remember looking out at the fresh snow it was gorgeous but there were no trails. Starting the trails was no fun, nobody wanted that job, it was a pain in the ass, but necessary. After the trails were made it was smooth sailing. The yard was flooded with kids until the street lights came on that night.

Once the path was made it was easy, effortless and fun.

Why am I talking to grown adults about sleigh riding as a kid? Because it’s relevant to everything we do. I am a nutritionist, trainer, and health educator. I believe in establishing simple habits that help build success and meet goals with regards to health and fitness. These habits and skills apply to every facet of life; relationships, career, family. Establishing these habits is exactly like making a path, blazing a trail or digging a ditch. You are putting systems in place that will make your life easier and remove obstacles.

How many times do we quit because we experience obstacles or things get too hard? We quit because we think we suck. I propose we shift our point of view. Rather than quitting because we suck let’s remove a few obstacles. If we establish some simple daily habits, we can move mountains with ease. Simple

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