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Fitness Tips: Getting Started

Rather than come at you with a ton of restrictions I think we will start with small steps. We need to crawl before we walk. With that being said, let’s start by establishing some healthy nutritional guidelines:

Food Choices-

  1. avoid processed foods

  2. meet basic macronutrient needs (protein)

  3. avoid sugary drinks

  4. avoid/limit alcohol

Eating Behaviors-

  1. recognize physical hunger and fullness cues

  2. avoid irregular eating habits (missing meals/eating too little/eating too much)

  3. recognize impulsive/ emotional eating

Exercise and Activity-

  1. avoid excuses

  2. exercise about 6 hrs weekly (avoid over/undertraining)

Food and Cooking Skills-

  1. avoid not having basic food prep skills/ confidence

  2. read labels when shopping/ gain awareness

  3. don’t make impulsive choices – keep food prepped

Life Skills/Mindset/ Psychology-

  1. avoid all or nothing thinking

  2. avoid a fixed mindset (I’m broken, I don’t have what it takes, I’m a failure)

  3. limit stress overload and being rushed

  4. avoid an environment that requires too much active “willpower” and mental strength to stay on track

  5. avoid unsupportive people and social situations

Pro Tips-

  1. avoid boredom; try  one new recipe every week (I love pinterest for ideas)

  2. keep a recipe box

Food Prep Tips-

  1. Use a slow/pressure cooker

  2. Chop and store vegetables in bulk

  3. Steam vegetables

  4. Make super shakes

  5. Think: big salads

  6. Overnight oats

  7. Energy balls

Remember to take it one step at a time. We need to crawl before we walk.

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