Faye’s Foul Mouth

I’ve always been into group fitness, doing mostly cardio,& running. Weights of course once and a blue moon, but never anything crazy. I wanted to do this challenge to finally see if lifting weights really makes a difference. And I was looking to lean out.

I can be pretty determined when I put my mind to something but it definitely is hard to follow through 100%. I still am shocked I have stuck with this program and I’m still doing it and enjoying it.

I have learned how food and exercise truly go hand and hand. And it’s amazing how you don’t have to eat 1,000 to lose weight. Your body needs the fuel and muscle to help you achieve the goal.

Anyone scared of doing this challenge should be a little bit. It’s not easy to step out that door and out of your comfort zone. But once you gain that confidence-watch out!! I’ve only lost a few pounds, but shrunk down all over and gained muscles I didn’t know I had. Shit, I even found ABS.

Besides the physical, I feel mentally strong. I’ve been sleeping better, and just having an all over feeling of calmness and strength.


“Our only security, is our ability to change”-John Lily

I thank you Jess for picking me for this and for having trust in me to carry it out. I feel fucking great. Sorry for all the cursing. YOU ROCK.


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