Evelyn’s Transformation

My client Evelyn made a decision to change her life. She had hit an emotional bottom after a traumatic event, but rather than accept the cards that were dealt to her she decided to take control of her life and get stronger. If she had focused solely on weight loss she would never have reaped as many rewards as she did. She fought hard against her inner demons and proved to herself that she could reach a longtime dream of stepping on stage as a figure competitor. I was amazed and blessed to not only watch her transformation but to compete alongside her.

Evelyn’s goal may seem scary and unattainable to most, but I don’t think any goals are truly unattainable. We are all stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We have to push ourselves and dive into our destiny. Nobody can give it to us… we all have to put in our own work…. when anyone has the courage to take the risk….. the reward is life changing. Here’s Evelyn’s story in her own words:

“My experience at the NPC Bodybuilding competition on 10/28, was so surreal, it was like I dreamt the whole thing. I see the photos and the video on Facebook, but perceive it as an outer body experience. First and foremost, I want to thank my dear Jessika Ramie for having faith in me and encouraging me to sign up. I didn’t think this was possible. I always enjoyed attending her bootcamp classes and walking away at the end of each session happy, rejuvenated, and looking forward to the next class. On top of that, her knowledge about nutrition, maintaining a positive relationship with food, and receiving her daily motivational messages, kept me on track, focused, and determined to face any diet insecurities. She is amazing and I am so honored to have her as my friend, coach, and fellow competition partner. It was an unbelievable journey, an accomplishment I will never forget. Bless you and thank you, Jessika. You have made this monumental experience memorable to me. Love you, dearly.”       – Evelyn Torres

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