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Eat this, Do that and other fitness bullshit

I have heard it said that the best way to create content is to find what is really pissing you off about what you see.

I have to tell you the truth, thats a lot. My mentor teaches me to have a charitable mindset and be a helper. When I see people doing harm, intentionally or not, I need to offer help. Today this blog is how I am deciding to help.

"Eat this because Its right"

"Do this because I do it"

"Just follow my plan"

"I do it so can you"

None of this encourages creative thinking. None of actually helps anyone who is seeking a solution to their struggle.


In a recent coaching call with a client we were discussing her history with fitness and "eat this, do that" style personal trainers. She is grateful to be in a space where she has learned how to think creatively, filter out unnecessary information and understand and strategize her own physical health. Here, she can continue to progress toward her goals year after year.

I don't generally offer workouts or recipes or fitness tips anymore. I know that can be useful but, its more important that you understand the context with which to use it. If I really want to help I need to teach you to pick up the tools in times of struggle, fear, obstacles, pain. However, I dont know when you are feeling any of those things only you do, so you have to be part of the process.

Here are a few tips to help you become a creative thinker with regard to your own fitness nutrition practice.

This will serve you a whole lot better in the long term than another post about 5 best ab workouts.

(you don't need all that noise)

Tip #1 - Ask why, how and where?

Before accepting any Information about your own physical health as true, ask why. If someone is saying drink apple cider vinegar because its good for you dig a little deeper, why is it good for you? How does it work? Where is the evidence?

We accept a whole lot of opinion as fact because we hear buzzwords, they make sense and they are spoken with confidence. This prevents us from being able to filter out noise… we accept fiction as fact and become confused.

Filter out the noise….




Tip #2 - What's it got to do with you?

Let's assume you used your filters and the thing you were investigating has validity. Let's see if it applies to you. You may not need it or maybe you do.

For example, I use a supplement called creatine. It's been researched extensively and proved highly effective for preventing loss of muscle but does my client who is looking to lose a few pounds and increase cardio endurance need creatine? No, it isn't needed for her overall goal. Don't accept that you need something unless you do your research and decide that it is.

Why does it matter for you?

Do you need this to reach your goals?

Will it make your ride smoother?

"Develop a passion for learning, if you do you will never cease to grow" - Anthony J. D'Angelo

Tip #3 - Make it fit you

Once you have determined you'r where, why, and how and you have decided if that information matters to you at all the next step it to apply it to your lifestyle. Make it fit.

This is your life, your path and you are the one designing it. You are the biggest part of the equation.

For example…. Let's use strength training. You'r research determined that the benefits aren't fictional and support your goal. But, you are seeing a lot of mixed reports saying that you need to do an hour 5x a week and some that say 20 minutes 3x a week is all you need. Now here you are confused again. SHIT! Take a breath.

What suits your schedule and your life?

How much time can you afford to commit to right now? (that may change as you go).

There is your answer. Look at you go smarty pants. You just figured out another piece of the puzzle.

Think about it. It matters not how many times you SHOULD if you CANT.

"Start where you are, use what you have do what you can"- Arthur Ashe

Tip #4 - All of you

Please remember that you are a whole person. It' awesome to decide to work on your physical self if you so desire but, that's a very small part of who you are. Give a little of your attention to the other parts of you. Too much focus in any one area can be counterproductive and thow things out of balance. Whenever I feel a little shitty about one part of me I step back and look at all of my other facets that I may be excelling in. Oftentimes that helps me find a little mojo. Also, if I am a little bored with one area it does help to switch my focus for a bit.

Don't neglect your social, spiritual, mental or emotional health.

Sometimes I don't want to paint with the color red, its a good a good idea to switch to blue for awhile and then step back and look again…pause… am I ready to go back to red or should I use orange.

(FYI, I am a huge fan of metaphors)


My worst bodybuilding prep to my most current

Seven years ago I decided to compete in bodybuilding. I knew nothing. I had no idea what to look for in a coach or who to listen to and wasn't a creative thinker at the time. I chose a coach who looked the part and had history competing, he was very much an "eat this do that coach". I did what I was told and never asked why. Consequently, I suffered way more than I needed to and left a lot of progress on the table. That season left me in a worse position than I started.

Thankfully, it wasn't the end of my story with the sport. I was interested in learning more so I started studying and asking my how's and why's. I explored more creative solutions and collected data from the mistakes I had made. With that data I started planning my next season, exploring coaches and approaches. With each season I pivoted slightly and learned more. My current coach is on a different end of the spectrum from my first because I had to learn me, what I wanted and what I was capable of, I had to become more invested. My coach listens more than talks, invites feedback and offers solutions. I fall more in love with bodybuilding as I learn about who I am in the process of making myself better in my sport, I am always evolving.

Try thinking of yourself as evolving, this is more of a growth mindset.

Had I stayed with my "eat this, do that" coach, would I still be here?

Would I love it?

Wrapping it up.

Everyone's an expert but, nobody is walking in your shoes. I have been so desperate to "get it right" at certain points in my life that I latched onto information that was inaccurate and only made me more confused and overwhelmed. It wasn't until I empowered myself to be part of my own research team that I began flourishing with my training and all other components of my health.

When I became a creative thinker, it was very much like trading in a car with bologna skin tires, no brakes and no power steering for a new Mercedes, this ride is smooth as silk now.

(another metaphor, two in one blog, that's what they call bonus content)

I wish you the best of luck at the car dealership.



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