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Cheryl’s Fitness Journey

This is what my client Cheryl has to say about working with me and her fitness journey:

 “ I began working with Jessica in the beginning of January 2020.  Up until recently, I’ve always managed my weight and exercise.  However once menopause hit, what used to work for me no longer worked. I was confused, I tried different diets, I tried  supplements and found my self almost ready to accept the fact that this is what a 51 year old post menopausal woman just looks like. 

     I needed a new plan. This plan started with a simple phone call with Jess to gather information and talk about my goals. When Jess told me I wasn’t eating enough calories for my activity level,  I was a little scared. She wanted me to eat more to lose weight…. wait …”eat more”??? As a dog walker walking 6-10 miles a day, I was basically starving myself. 

     My goals working with Jess were to build a strong healthy body, but first and foremost to change my “menopause belly” everyone said was my new norm…. get used to it.”

     In the 5 months working with Jess I have:

  1. lost 23 lbs

  2. built muscle

  3. lost my menopause belly

  4. gained an understanding of the calories my body needs

  5. increased my self confidence

  6. gained a strong on line support system and community

Want to get results like Cheryll? I work online with clients all around the country.

Online training is more cost effective and I offer all the direction, support, and accountability that you need.

I’m currently accepting a chosen few clients that I want to help get amazing results. If you think that you’re up to the challenge contact me.

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