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Brag a Bit…. Don’t be shy

As we reflect back on 2020 we need to give ourselves credit for all that we did right. 2020 was filled with obstacles and challenges so before you look back at what you didn’t do please look back at what you did accomplish.

Us women don’t celebrate ourselves or our accomplishments nearly enough. Stop right now and think, I bet you can easily come up with 5 things you did this year that you can be proud of.

Acknowledging our accomplishments can be pretty difficult, It is always easier to find fault with ourselves.

But please before you start this New year off with a bunch of self judgement, I am asking you to brag a bit.

2020 brought more challenges than many of us have ever seen and yet here you are, still standing. I believe you are more than likely stronger than you ever imagined (breathe that in).

My biggest challenge in 2020 was putting both feet in the career I always wanted.

I am a personal trainer and a nutrition coach and I love what I do but, I always wanted to move to a completely online model.  For the past 3-4 years I have been doing hybrid training (partially in person and partially online) and I felt much more effective as an online coach. When covid hit I was scared, what would this mean for me? I had to take a risk, I successfully moved ALL of my clients to an online model. A big jump but it worked and all of my clients are thriving.

Consequently I have become much more confident in my skills as an online trainer. I am enjoying my career more and I have been able to help many women lose weight and gain self control, even during covid.

I believe we all have a lot to be proud of this year. We all had to dig deep and find solutions to the problems at hand.

In the brilliant words of author Glennon Doyle

“We can do hard things”

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