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Are we on the right path?

I was just searching recipes to share with my clients and half of them say skinny… that pisses me off…

There are so many subtle messages being delivered to us constantly that let us know we aren’t enough. We cant accept ourselves as we are. We have to look like this perfect ideal body whether we are physically capable of it or not. We have to spend our days chasing that carrot. I am not saying there is anything wrong with being skinny, I am saying that not everyone is meant to be and no one shouldn’t feel inadequate if they aren’t.

I want to give you permission to let that fuckin shit go…

  1. We can find our ideal body in a healthy way.

  2. We can do it while eating in a healthy way.

  3. We dont need to suffer and hate ourselves, We are allowed to like the skin we are in.

  4. We are allowed to exercise for enjoyment rather than punishment because we dont look as we “should”

  5. If we NEVER reach the ideal body that we are being told we are supposed to have we STILL have value.




Ask yourself these questions.

What are you trading off or giving up trying to achieve this “skinny body”?

How long have you been making these tradeoffs?

Is it worth it? Are you enjoying the process?

Are you really looking for weight loss or are you trying to be happy with your body? those two are different things.

Let me be clear, I am not saying that wanting to lose weight is wrong. I have many clients who find joy in losing weight, I find joy in helping them. BUT, we use a healthy approach, we minimize suffering and support ourselves in the process. What I am saying is to question what is motivating you for that weight loss.

We can chose to change our bodies in a way that doesn’t cause suffering and in fact can enhance our lifestyle.

If you have been walking the same path for years trying to make your body fit this ideal and the path is making you miserable you may be on the wrong path. Maybe you aren’t the problem. Maybe the path is.

You are allowed to question whether or not this shoe even suits you and if it doesn’t you can go to a different damn shoe store.

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