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A Real Weight Loss Story

I recently sat down with client Carol Morrisey and I asked her the following questions.

In 3 sentences or less can you describe any reservations you had before we started working together?

Is this going to work for me?

Am I going to fail again?

Will I be able to do these workouts at my age?

How was I able to help you with these reservations?

You assured me that I could move at a pace that was comfortable for me but that I should push myself as hard as I am able to. You also assured me that you were there for me and to use you, and that’s what I did. Also, I took comfort in the fact that no one is judged in your classes, I was judging myself bad enough already.

What were your top goals when getting started?

1. Weight loss

2. Getting healthy

What would you like to add?

What can I say? I have been on every diet imaginable since I was a child. Nothing worked over the long haul. Jessika and the FYTE family have been my savior. This group has literally saved my life. The support network is amazing. I have reached goals both physically and mentally that I have never reached before.

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