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5 Tricks to Prevent Holiday/Stress Eating

Lets start by admitting we are all human, we all have the IDGAF moments. When it happens we quickly need to throw it in the rearview mirror lest we create an landslide of shame based binge eating, you know, where you wake up out of a cookie coma covered in crumbs and you have no idea how you got there. Overeating due to stress is a real problem. We can have the absolute best of intentions when dieting. Even if we do all the right things sometimes life happens. That being said we can absolutely take some simple measure to protect ourselves from ourselves.

Here are 5 simple tricks to prevent a shameey, guiltish, embarrassing, binge-like smorgasbord.

  1. Stay hydrated. When the weather gets cooler we forget to drink. If we stay hydrated we will also feel more satiated and therefore less likely to grab food mindlessly.

  2. Don’t skip meals. No matter how much crap you have to do make sure and take a quick 15 minutes to eat every few hours. When we are stressed we may not feel hungry. But the hunger WILL hit you eventually and when it does watch out, things can get wild and you may feel out of control really fast.

  3. Get protein in at every meal. It will help you feel fuller longer. If we feel full we are less likely to grab crap. It may still happen but, we are creating roadblocks to help.

  4. My 2 step stop stress eating formula is this. When I want to grab something mindlessly/impulsively I look at the clock and give myself 15 minutes in that time I have a cup of coffee (coffee is life) and ask myself 3 question: Am I hungry? Is it smart? How much do I need? These questions can turn an entire sheet pan of brownies into one small cookie, a lot less damage. Once 15 minutes passes I make a phone call to a friend to vent about whatever is stressing me out. That almost always does the trick.

  5. Always haveTHE EMERGENCY CAR BOX (it’s in caps because it’s really important) Why do we need it? Because if we don’t have it we are bound to grab cookies, pizza, one of those giant god damn pretzels they sell every 5 feet at the mall. What can you add to your stash? Protein bars, fruit, granola, bottled water, trail mix, roasted chic peas.

Eliminate guilt, shame and regret this holiday season. We are running around from now through January but we don’t want to loose everything you have been working on so be mindful of what you eat.

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