Project Description

I began Boot Camp with Jessika Ramie on July 2016. The words: menopause, belly fat, frustrated – are what I would use to define myself at that stage of life. The stage before I met Jessika. She took my measurements and said, “You’re a chronic exerciser”. Truth. I have -and use- my membership to a local gym. I take a mix of spinning, body pump, yoga, and barre classes 5 days a week. I noticed 2 women who took classes with me at the gym, and I was aware they were participating in Boot Camp with Jessika. Their bodies had changed SIGNIFICANTLY over the course of several months, and they attributed these changes to Jessika’s inspiration. I was eager to join, because what I was doing was not working for me.

Jessika is DYNAMIC and fun. Her workouts change all the time, and the level of challenge determined by each individual. She brings the pieces that will change how your body looks, all you have to do is show up and do the work.

There are many inspirational thoughts Jessika takes the time to send daily. I would share this one:

Opportunities present themselves rarely, when they do make sure you are ready to grab it with both hands, don’t let days pass you by, create yourself.

If you have the opportunity to work with Jessika, don’t let it pass you by.