Faye’s Foul Mouth

I’ve always been into group fitness, doing mostly cardio,& running. Weights of course once and a blue moon, but never anything crazy. I wanted to do this challenge to finally see if lifting weights really makes a difference. And I was looking to lean out. I can be pretty determined when I put my mind [...]

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A Self-Discovery Story

I am a former two-sport collegiate athlete, working mom of three over-scheduled kids, lover of all things sports who could no longer keep up with her kids.  As a mother I put myself last both mentally and physically…eating off the kids plates, never sitting down to eat a meal with vegetables, a glass of wine or [...]

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Perfect Doesn’t Exist

I have a very broad client base ranging from people who want to get ripped to people who want to workout a few times a week. Some clients just want to get a few workouts in but are not ready to tackle the scary nutrition stuff. I watch as folks compare their paths to others and [...]

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Mary Gets Motivated

I have always been into fitness, playing sports through my childhood, into college and then coaching. Two elbow surgeries, and a baby later, I was struggling to find something that I still loved to do, but didn’t lose my confidence due to having to make modifications for my elbow. I’m not able to put any [...]

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6-Step Guide to Guilt-Free Holidays

The holidays are here and people seem to be bracing themselves for a massive slip up when it comes to their diets. Please stop with the craziness, I implore you. Thanksgiving is just a day. Christmas is just a day. Christmas Eve is just a day. New Year's Eve is just a day. That’s a [...]

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Evelyn’s Transformation

My client Evelyn made a decision to change her life. She had hit an emotional bottom after a traumatic event, but rather than accept the cards that were dealt to her she decided to take control of her life and get stronger. If she had focused solely on weight loss she would never have reaped [...]

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Is Comfort Food Making You Uncomfortable?

What images come to mind when you hear the phrase comfort food? Mashed potatoes covered with gravy? Macaroni and cheese? Maybe an ice cream sundae? Many people turn to food to help them erase a bad day, get over a bad argument or make them feel less stressed. But, the comfort foods we turn to [...]

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Managing Stress & Anxiety Through Exercise

Client, age 38 Q: What made you finally commit? A: I battle depression and anxiety. I was looking for a way to help offset those conditions. I also needed to take better care of myself physically. Q: How long have you been a member of FYTE club? A: Since January, 2017. It has changed my [...]

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