Never Settle

Prior to this  challenge I pretty much adhered to my daily calorie allotment and exercised on a consistent basis. I quickly realized when I switched over to eating by carb/fat/macro it didn’t match up and many of the foods I ate were not nutrient dense. I have learned how to eat more nutritiously and although [...]

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Faye’s Foul Mouth

I’ve always been into group fitness, doing mostly cardio,& running. Weights of course once and a blue moon, but never anything crazy. I wanted to do this challenge to finally see if lifting weights really makes a difference. And I was looking to lean out. I can be pretty determined when I put my mind [...]

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A Self-Discovery Story

I am a former two-sport collegiate athlete, working mom of three over-scheduled kids, lover of all things sports who could no longer keep up with her kids.  As a mother I put myself last both mentally and physically…eating off the kids plates, never sitting down to eat a meal with vegetables, a glass of wine or [...]

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Perfect Doesn’t Exist

I have a very broad client base ranging from people who want to get ripped to people who want to workout a few times a week. Some clients just want to get a few workouts in but are not ready to tackle the scary nutrition stuff. I watch as folks compare their paths to others and [...]

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