My mission is to teach people that fitness and strength training can lead to physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Fitness is not about quick fixes, diet pills or starving yourself. There are no shortcuts to health and fitness. It’s not about being skinny; it’s about being strong. When you feel strong it carries over to everything you do. Ignore short-term results, commit to the long-term process. Wake up, move, eat well most of the time. Enjoy birthday cake, eat ice cream, workout. Be realistic. Build yourself up, find yourself through exercise and you will be unstoppable.

I am


My vision is to educate people about the power of being physically fit. To inspire people to challenge themselves physically and to teach them that by doing so, they will discover their true potential and strength.

A certified personal trainer, a mother, an exercise enthusiast, a wife, a daughter, in a constant struggle with my addiction to peanut butter, a NASM certified fitness nutrition therapist, legitimately scared of skunks, a friend, a woman, a specialist in therapeutic recreation, a body builder, strong, compassionate, silly.

Judgmental, ever going to tell you that what you want to achieve physically is available in pill form, a mean girl, misleading, skinny, a fan of avocados or mangoes (it’s a texture thing), full of excuses, a good speller, indecisive, impatient, unkind.


I take a personalized approach with all of my clients. Regardless of the package you choose, it will be adjusted specifically to you. Everything that is happening in your life, your stress, your job, your family, your happiness will help me to understand what you need specifically to help you succeed.
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Jessika has taught me to approach fitness as a lifestyle choice as opposed to a fad diet or temporary workout regimen.

Megan, 34

As the mother of four I had been on a roller coaster of diets of the years, losing and then gaining the weight back.

Elenora, 52

Working with Jess was about finding myself. I have grown as a person, physically and mentally.

Jill, 35

Most clients begin with a physical goal in mind, to lose weight or become more toned. What they don’t expect is what happens in the process of reaching these goals. They become proud and confident, the results begin to affect all areas of their life in a positive way.

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